U.S. Laboratories
U.S. Laboratories

Laboratory Services

U.S. Laboratories offers mobile phlebotomy, laboratory, Digitial Radiography and EKG testing services 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Our core laboratories in Massachusetts and Florida are CAP and state-accredited (CLIA) and have state of the art laboratory equipment. Most of our testing is performed on-site which helps meet turnaround expectations. Highly esoteric testing is performed in partnership with accredited reference laboratories.

Our Internet-based test results system contributes to rapid turn times so orders can be placed and results viewed from any Internet location. Standing orders may also be entered into our system, simplifying patient management for nursing and other support personnel. Reports are printed locally when results are finalized or you may print from your facility. Data can be trended with cumulative data, allowing clinicians to view changes in test values for a patient over an extended period of time.

Our sales consultants are available to collate laboratory data and assist clients with quarterly infection control meetings. Our staff presents data on organisms, isolated, sensitivity patterns and other metrics to assist long-term care facilities with their quality programs.

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